Who We Are

Welcome to Bayside Property Services Ltd.. We are an independent, locally-owned Property Management and Real Estate Service company located in Burnaby, British Columbia. Bayside has proudly served a wide range of clients for over 45 years.

Founded in 1974, Bayside is a unique company that works closely with clients in the Lower Mainland and across the province. Our team of established rental and strata property managers delivers excellence with every task we oversee. Working with you is our privilege and we are proud to offer top quality service that you can trust and rely on.

We provide full-service Property Management and Real Estate care

What We Do

From strata management to overseeing rental properties, our clients receive specialized care, strategic advice, and sound guidance for all their property management and real estate needs.

Bayside understands your need for management solutions tailored to your specifications and your unique property. That’s what we do. You can trust that our team makes a difference for every property we manage, and you can depend on us to do that for you too.

Your property is a major investment. Choose Bayside and protect it with confidence.

Our Team

We are a collective of dynamic, knowledgeable and enthusiastic professionals who strive hard to exceed our clients’ expectations.

Our team members work closely with individual clients to develop and deliver on short-term and long-term goals. In addition to qualified, licensed representatives each of our properties-under-management has dedicated administrative support and assigned property accountants who specialize in strata and rental practice. Our rental and strata property managers are backstopped by Lynda Creamer, President, Allen Regan, Vice President, and Sandra Idema, Director of Operations, all of whom provide decades of expertise and on-the-fly guidance.

The heart of our administrative and accounting sections have been at Bayside for over 30 years. Plus, nearly half of our property managers have been at Bayside for at least 10 years and counting. That’s because the corporate culture is both friendly and professional, our leadership inspiring. Our core values are solid. We combine team energy and genuine caring with a professional expertise that keeps the promise of Bayside foremost for each client—and for each member of the Bayside team.

Lynda, Allen and Sandra are committed to quality care for existing clients, but at the same time they are excited to work alongside new clients who want independent, locally-owned service.

The next time you are in Burnaby, stop in and say hello!  Let us show you around. We’d like to meet you.

Why Us

Bayside lives where you live. Our home is here—where you live and work.

With over half of all Lower Mainland residents living in strata or rental properties, It makes sense to engage a company, like Bayside, with deep roots in the community and strong industry knowledge. Locally-owned means that your interests are our interests and it means our focus stays fixed on what matters to you.

Choosing Bayside means choosing wide ranging industry knowledge, professional integrity, and the best value for your strata or rental property.

Where to Find Us

Our corporate office is conveniently located in Burnaby, British Columbia. You can find us right off Highway 1 on Roberts Street, near Burnaby City Hall:

100 – 6400 Roberts Street, Burnaby, BC V5G 4C9.


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